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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Awakening Easter Eggs


Welcome to MyProffs' Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Awakening Easter Eggs Walkthrough. In this DLC there are Teddy Bears hidden throughout the map that when interacted with trigger a hidden song to play in the background!

Teddy Bears & Music Easter Eggs

  • [0:19] — Teddy Bear Location #1: Once you turned on the power, you can find the first Teddy Bear in the cell/room (with the flickering light) opposite the Juggernog. It’s located in a pitch dark corner atop a box.
  • [0:48] — Teddy Bear Location #2: Go past the power switch room in the bedroom with kids stuffed toys, you will find the Bear on the top of the chair opposite the bed. .
  • [1:15] — Teddy Bear Location #3: At the rocket test-fire area, you can teleport or use any launch pad to get over to this test area. The third Bear is found outside in an army vehicle propped up against the window that you can reach from outside.

Disco Room Easter Eggs

Once you have a Raygun and get to the Labs science room, then you must shoot the small rotating planets hanging from the ceiling with the Raygun. 

Zombies Mode Easter Eggs

Below are the steps to take to finish the Der Eisendrache easter egg puzzle.

Landing Pad & Wundersphere Locations Guide:

There are 4 Wunderspheres on Der Eisendrache, you must first interact with the 4 landing pads to activate them.

How To Turn On The Power

Where To Get The Juggernog Perk

How To Pack A Punch & Rocket Pad Teleporter Location

Rocket Shield Locations Guide

How To Get The BRM Weapon

  • Step 1: How to turn on zero gravity. Once in undercroft (the room with the pyramid after turning on power), then activate the 4 pressure plates. To do this, standing on each plate for a few seconds.
  • Step 2: This will trigger an anti-gravity effect. During anti-gravity, wall run over all 6 pressure plates. The ones you haven’t yet activated are glowing blue.  
  • Step 3: The BRM is now unlocked at the wall by the pyramid. Double jump during anti-gravity to reach it. It costs 1800 points to buy mid-air.

How To Get The BOW & Electric Upgrade

How To Get The BOW’s Wind Upgrade

How To Get The BOW’s Wolf Upgrade

How To Get The BOW’s Fire Upgrade

Easter Egg Step 1: Time Travel & Plunger Weapon

Easter Egg Step 2: Dr. Groph

Easter Egg Step 3: Dempsey’s Rocket

Easter Egg Step 4: Coming soon 

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