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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies will be something entirely different

The Treyarch head, Mark Lamia promised that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies will be something entirely different.

“Black Ops Zombies will have its own full, player XP based progression system. That will add even more depth and replayability to what was already an inherently and really replayable mode.”

“We know that Zombies is a very easy mode to get into, very accessible. We’ve got to be sure not to sacrifice that while we’re adding depth and replayability to it.

“We’re going to deliver a totally unique, mind-blowing creative. It’s not like anything in the campaign and it’s not like anything in the multiplayer. It’s its own game that ships with Black Ops 3.

The only piece of artwork we saw shown briefly during the press preview featured a zombie officer in a similar Sitting Bull pose to the original Black Ops art, complete with a Nazi badge on his uniform.

Although zombies have appeared in Advanced Warfare and their own spin-off iOS game, Lamia suggested that the concept of Zombies mode was going back to its roots with Treyarch.

“We’ve been working on what’s grown into zombies since 2008. We’ve been nurturing what’s grown into a worldwide loyal fanbase with our brand of zombies. It was then what we’ve created now, which is really a signature component of our brand of Call of Duty.”

“It was born as a passion project in the studio that frankly almost didn’t exist. Our own unique brand of mind-fuckery ran through it. The fans loved the stories we tell with zombies. It’s really something very different than the rest of the offering,” he added.

Treyarch has announced that more inforamtion about Black Ops 3 Zombies will be released before the game is released on November 6.


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