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Release Date: September 9, 2014

Destiny: How to Level Up Weapons & Armor faster


There are ways of rank up your weapons and armor in Destiny apart from shooting lots of enemies at a time.

Using Bounties to Quickly Rank Up Weapons or Armor

Completing Bounties quests is the best way to unlock lots of extra perks for uncommon, rare and legendary items the Guardians tote around. 

By turning in Bounties you will get XP reward which will helps you to level up as well as rancking up your weapons.

You need to equip the gear you want to rank up, then turn in completed bounties to get instant infusion of XP added to your character level progress and to any gear (onlu gear equiped gets the XP reward when turning in Bounties). The XP is shared between gear (requiring less XP to rank up) and progression. 




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