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Work Fashion Tips for Women with a 36a Bra Size

When we dress for work, we want to pull off the look that will maintain an air of professionalism without detracting from the fact that we are a woman. This is something that many women struggle with who has a smaller bust size. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do which will help you to look your best when you are at work, even if you wear a 36a bra.


One thing that you can do is to vary your neckline to a certain extent. Women with smaller breasts are able to do this effectively and they will look great, regardless of whether it is a low neckline or if they are wearing cowl neck tops. As long as you keep the neckline respectable, you have the option of moving it up and down. This is not an option which is as open to women with larger bust sizes.

It is also generally a good idea for you to wear fabrics that tend to be draped and soft. This will allow them to be close to the body without being too clingy. Use clean, simple lines and avoid too many gathers or pleats in the fabric. Choose a focal point to your clothing, particularly one that is high up on the outfit so that the attention is drawn to your face.


Above all, make sure that you get fitted properly for your bra size. Even smaller busted women need to do so, as it can make a difference in how the clothing looks when they are wearing it (Source:

Claire Pearl is a petite lingerie designer and part-time model. She has collaborated with lingerie companies to design and create special bra sizes for women. Free feel to connect with her on Google+.

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