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Dead Island Riptide Review

The game is a sequel to 2011’s first personal zombie-dismembering co-op role-playing game. Dead Island: Riptide picked up from where the original game left off where the four survivors (former football star, rapper, a bodyguard and Chinese spy) found themselves back on the nearby e island of Palanai overrun with zombie along with the new character, Jon Morgan. John is the former navy man turn to be a cook. Just like any survivor John is also immune to the virus just and he has nothing special.

The developer have attempted to add some excitement to the game but doesn’t seem to have worked. The game characters, different personalities, some funny animation faces and their funny voices make difficulty to take anything series, through it doesn’t really matter. The game is about adding nails to the baseball and hit the zombies with it that pretty much it.

There is no much changes from the previous Dead Island game. The environments are pretty much similar to the original one apart from this time the island is called Palanai which is in the monsoon season. Instead of sunny beaches you get flooded jungles, which is ok since it gives room to more terrify infected. For example the zombies will appear to be dead floating on the water and the moment you get closer they pop up and start attacking. There are also some new enemies which are insanely strong and you will require a different tactic to what you used to.

One of the good things about this game compare to the previous is the ability to finds work benches. There are tons of benches scattered across the island where players can upgrade, repair and create weapons. All new weapons can be acquired by either thoroughly searching each area for blue prints or complete side quest.  

The weapon upgrade, and the skills trees hasn’t change much. When you start a new games player can either start from scratch (start at level 15) or import the four player’s co-op you picked from Dead Island save or you can pick up the four new ones. Purma is firearm expert, John Morgan is good with close quarters combat, Sam b is blunt weapon expert, Xian Mei is very good with knives and Morgan Carter is a throwing weapon expert.

The skills tree is in three branches fury, combat and survivor. The Fury skill is the new one which grand players a wolverine like strength to attack. You need to be cause with approach a ground of zombies with this skill as you can get killed by even just two.

You need to learn when to fight and when to run. However there is section of the game where you will be forced to fight/defend your team mates.

When you play co-op occasionally the quest appears on some player’s mini map and not on other. This is ok if you are playing in the same room but if not it will definitely be a problem. Also sometime when entering new area some players spawn  in different time, this means zombies will have chance to gang-up on some characters before other ones have a chance to arrive. For a low level character this could be a major problem.

The game still has similar technical issues (like the original dead island) like self-harming which has not be improved from the original game. There is also too many side quests.  Apart from few glitches the game looks decent after you pass a prologue on a military ship and settling in to game’s new island. The game is not perfect as there is some missing frames and although the performance is better on PC but is not too good on PS3.  Players are limited to network of road and a pathway even through the island is open for exploration.

The Verdict  

There is not much different from the previous on apart from the zombies mutilation which is amazing and it is fun to play especial with your mates, other than that there is no major changes.  You will be able to play with your friends even if they are further advance in a story than you.  

The previous game was a success even with the bugs and technical issues mainly because there weren’t similar games in the market back then compare to now. The reptile seems like a one giant missed opportunity.

If you haven’t play the original game we recommended you to play that one first for the half the price before playing this one.


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