Which is Better? Penetrating Oils vs Coating Oils


Coconut oil is known for penetrate hair while other oil like sunflower tend to coat on the top of hair. Most people prefered penetrating oils over the coating oils. 

Advantages of Penetrating Oils

During wash stage penetrating oils is good, for example coconut can be applied to dray hair before washing (apply and leave for few hours to allow th oil to penetrate) this is to reduce amount of water the hair can take up. This helps the hair controls its expansion.

Using coconut oil after wash tends to prevent minor breakage and protein loss which comes from cuticle chipping. 

Advantages of Coating Oils​ 

To moinsture your hair, the oil which dont penetrate are good as it forms a film over hair and create a barrier to prevent water  that has been taken up by the hair from evaporating quickly.

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